Noob Question: Can Private images be pulled if given the image name?

Been using Docker for a couple of years or so now, but never actually pushed any image to any registries. I’m wondering if a Private repo here works the same as a lot of other sites (including Youtube, dropbox, imgur, et. al) where you can upload stuff as private, and the public cant “see” it, but if you hand out the link to it to other people, they can still access it?

i.e. I push an image to my private dhub repo, and then email someone the imagename:tag, can they pull it?

Or if I want to just have 1 or 2 others be able to pull it, I have to make it public?

I’ve spent about 25 minutes doing some Google-Fu and searching the docs here, but no quick and easy answer without a lot of digging.

It is not possible to share a private image by just sharing a link. You need to add the users as collaborators to your private repository to permit them he to download a private image.

The free personal plan is not eligible to add collaborators to private repositories.
For all other plans, see the “Compare All Features” section from the pricing page:

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