Why was I allowed to create multiple private repositories on Docker Hub despite being on the free plan?

I noticed today after pushing an image that it automatically became a free repo on my Docker Hub account. At that point, I had two private repositories:

This confuses me because according to the pricing page, accounts on the Free plan only get one private repository.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I wonder if it’s related to the fact I was pushing an image that I had already pulled from a public repository without changing it (I’m doing this to test authing private image pulls for CircleCI before Nov 1):

~ > docker pull node:14-slim
14-slim: Pulling from library/node
babf97a3f00a: Pull complete 
d81eb1809d95: Pull complete 
1d14a5c3c182: Pull complete 
21d157458a67: Pull complete 
b358ef6b56c5: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:8551aaff36006da6e93535b60a4ec84efbbffde072039f764643f763ca86feb4
Status: Downloaded newer image for node:14-slim
~ > docker tag node:14-slim mwelke/node-14-slim
~ > docker push mwelke/node-14-slim
The push refers to repository [docker.io/mwelke/node-14-slim]
6de2f7d228d9: Mounted from library/node 
7e396c9cd2d3: Mounted from library/node 
937c625096ae: Mounted from library/node 
f22b17e89bf7: Mounted from library/node 
b0300c32a489: Mounted from library/node 
latest: digest: sha256:3f0e71eee1467ac6d0a16ea66da16e1e0092c56d7e06ebaf2695b5de175cd4d9 size: 1367

Notice how it says “Mounted from library/node”. So perhaps the push succeeds because I’m not actually pushing any layers up.

Note that after doing this, I did indeed end up with 3 private repositories while on the free plan:

The point is is you can pull the exceeding ones or not?