Not able to execute ACI ( Azure command line Integration) on Docker

Hi Team,

I am trying to install ACI ( Azure Command Line Integration ) on the docker as below. But failing with below error.

Following is the command i am trying to execute.

curl –L -output /opt/docker-linux-amd64.tar.gz

Please suggest.


It looks like you copied the command from a website and


was conveted to


It looks very similar in the code blocks, but the first “-” is a little shorter


It is more noticable when you copy it and paste it into an input field or you compare the characters while you are writing the post here. Replace that character with a simple “-” typing directly in the terminal. Since it is not a valid flag this way, curl “thinks” it is a URL and it is not a valid URL either.

After fixing it, you will probably have an other problem as well. -output will not be a valid option. You need two “-” characters like: --output

Hi Rimelek,

Thank you for the response.
I have corrected above mistake. however looks like it is still not extracting, please suggest further. Thank you

It is jus a permission denied error since your user is not root and usually only root can write /opt