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Not get notifications - failures etc. New to docker but do not get any

Hi, to docker and a but of a mystery but have a container running & works well.

However my docker container v. occasionally stops running.

I have it ticked in settings to send notifications, ANY, my account has my email address

I do not get start or stopping.
I wonder if my online account is not directly linked to docker but if I click the profile/account top right it take me to my account fine.

I guess something I am missing.

Any advise,
thanks I/A

Sorry if I misunderstood you, but do you expect to get notifications when containers are failing on your local machine where you are logged in using docker login?

As I say don’t know about docker too much but have a container running,
I assumed
Setting Options:
Send usage statistics
Send error reports, system version and language as well as Docker Desktop lifecycle information (e.g., starts, stops, resets).
Would send an email if there was a problem with docker or perhaps a container, or even starting or stopping.
Is this just a message in docker itself, I thought I read you could get notifications
Perhaps this is for something else?

I can’t check it since I don’t have my Windows machine with me but I would be surprised if it could notify you about failing containers. Usage statistics are probably sent to the Docker Inc to help them improve their products. I suspect the other one is also something similar. When an error happens it can send information about it.


I checked that option in the Docker Desktop settings. I thought it were two options but it is actually one. It means what I guessed. You will not get notifications.