Not understanding how the Docker work for development teams

I am new to Docker, checked some tutorials for the understanding, but unfortunatelly I am not understanding one thing and that is:
1- How to use the Docker image with the prespective of development?

I understand that we can make the docker image and push that to docker-hub repository, but don’t what to do after that.
I pulled the docker image from docker-hub which I pushed. At this point I am missing what can I do with this image and how to do that?

For Example:
1- Created a Django app
2- Created a Dockerfile
3- Created the docker-compose.yml file
4- Build the docker image with “docker-compose build” (on Windows 10)
5- Ran the image with “docker-compose up”.
6- Up until this point, everything went well and I can access the application from my browser.
7- Then I pushed this image to docker-hub and I can see the pushed image on the repository.
8- At this point I pulled the code at another machine that is running Ubuntu 20.04 and tried to run the docker. (no output)

9- Now I am confused here, what should I do with this docker image which I pulled from docker-hub?
Where is my source code of Django App?
How can I work etc.

I am new to docker, please help. Thanks.