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Not working when i register DLL with regsvr32 inside docker container


(Sk5277) #1

Please help how to register dll using docker file and also how to check registered dll files

Windows Application 32 bit COM dll registration
(Goffinf) #2

I think you need to explain much more clearly what you are trying to achieve.

What have you tried, what were the results of those attempts ?

(Sk5277) #3

Thanks for your response.
I am using docker on windows 10 pro. I am trying to register COM dll.
Below is my docker file.

FROM microsoft/iis
SHELL ["powershell","-command"]

RUN New-Item -Path $env:systemdrive\inetpub\XpServerDllFiles -Type Directory
COPY ./my.dll /inetpub/XpServerDllFiles
RUN Start-Process C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32.exe C:/inetpub/XpServerDllFiles/my.dll


Dll is copied inside the container. All the paths are correct.
Addition to this I’ve also tried running same Start-process command in powershell in docker container. I’ve also created an admin user and Start-process command with -Credential flag. None of these seems to work. I’ve checked the registry. No entry is found there and my application is also not running which is dependent on my.dll.