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Not working when i register DLL with regsvr32 inside docker container


(Sk5277) #1

Please help how to register dll using docker file and also how to check registered dll files

Windows Application 32 bit COM dll registration
(Goffinf) #2

I think you need to explain much more clearly what you are trying to achieve.

What have you tried, what were the results of those attempts ?

(Sk5277) #3

Thanks for your response.
I am using docker on windows 10 pro. I am trying to register COM dll.
Below is my docker file.

FROM microsoft/iis
SHELL ["powershell","-command"]

RUN New-Item -Path $env:systemdrive\inetpub\XpServerDllFiles -Type Directory
COPY ./my.dll /inetpub/XpServerDllFiles
RUN Start-Process C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32.exe C:/inetpub/XpServerDllFiles/my.dll


Dll is copied inside the container. All the paths are correct.
Addition to this I’ve also tried running same Start-process command in powershell in docker container. I’ve also created an admin user and Start-process command with -Credential flag. None of these seems to work. I’ve checked the registry. No entry is found there and my application is also not running which is dependent on my.dll.


Hey! Were you able to workaround this issue? I’m facing the same problem.

For now, I registered the DLL in my machine (not docker) then exported the registries from HKCR to a .reg file. After that I moved the .reg to container and ran it there. After that the application worked fine…
That solution is far from ideal!