Oci errorFile not found in $PATH

Hi, i’ve been using docker on linux for a month without any problem.
I’ve tried today the windows-toolbox version and I keep facing this error when starting a container with a java programm.

starting container process caused “exec: “java”: executable file not found in $PATH”

I’ve seen on stackoverflow that the problem is maybe the default emulated shell, but it’s not working when using /bin/sh -c

Very simple Dockerfile :

FROM openjdk:8-alpine
MAINTAINER "devxharos@gmail.com"
ADD build/libs/test.jar /app/test.jar
CMD ["java", "-jar", "/app/test.jar"]

And a docker-compose.yml file

build: .
container_name: ${COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME}_test

If somebody have an idea, thanks a lots in advance :slight_smile:

well, not exacly, but when the container started, it couldn’t find java

so, start your container manually with -it and from its command prompt look at the environment to see what is not setup correctly