OCI runtime create failed with C:/Program: no such file or directory


I am trying to run a docker container (rails, postgres, vite) on a Windows machine with the following setup -

WSL 2:

$ wsl.exe --status
Default Distribution: Ubuntu
Default Version: 2

Windows Subsystem for Linux was last updated on 11/22/2022
The Windows Subsystem for Linux kernel can be manually updated with 'wsl --update', but automatic updates cannot occur due to your system settings.
To receive automatic kernel updates, please enable the Windows Update setting: 'Receive updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows'.
For more information please visit https://aka.ms/wsl2kernel.

Kernel version:


Docker version 20.10.21, build baeda1f

docker-compose build succeeds where as docker-compose run --rm --entrypoint "/bin/setup" rails fails with the following error -

Error response from daemon: failed to create shim task: OCI runtime create failed: runc create failed: unable to start container process: exec: "C:/Program": stat C:/Program: no such file or directory: unknown

The entry point file bin/setup is a bunch of rails commands like running migrations etc.,

It was to do with how path delimiters are different in Windows. This answer in SO helped me: curl - bash: C:/Program: No such file or directory - Stack Overflow