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Oci runtime error


My setup includes Docker engine running on the host as a service (version 1.12.1) + Containerized Mesos(with dvdcli packaged in it) + Containerized Rexray (to create EFS volumes)

When I deploy a service thru Mesos which inturn fires up the DVDCLI (docker volume driver CLI) which asks Rexray Container to create and mount the volume. At this instance Rexray does container does create the volume under /var/lib/libstorage/volumes dir which is volume mapped from the host (this dir is visible on the host as well). But some how docker complains of no such file or directory.

Here is the error snippet from the docker logs. Appreciate if I can get some pointers on the issue.

Jan 4 23:24:07 ip-10-0-10-10 docker: time=“2017-01-04T23:24:07.609040266Z” level=error msg=“containerd: start container” error=“oci runtime error: rootfs_linux.go:53: mounting “/my-test-volume-data” to rootfs “/var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/3e4febc34a6893354fa8855af0f6101d69b442fdb233067495172c7d00e72321/rootfs” caused “stat /var/lib/libstorage/volumes/my-test-vol2/data: no such file or directory”” id=816cf9ff050aa7790f6bb9e0e8544770dbad649d37f4cb0de11e3e355729962b


not sure if this helps much , but I created a volume and “_data” is the last folder here , interesting you dont have an underscore in you path

“Name”: “my-test-volume”,
“Driver”: “local”,
“Mountpoint”: “/var/lib/docker/volumes/my-test-volume/_data”,
“Labels”: {},
“Scope”: “local”

I guess it is more of to do with how Rexray creates the volume dir. It seems to create only data dir without underscore.