Old Swarm vs New Swarm

We currently use docker swarm for testing purposes. Using the old docker swarm containers, we could:

Have a bunch of coreOS machines, all with docker on them, all together in a docker swarm.
The swarm manager lived on any one of these, but had a static IP address, so developers, and automated systems could always just use DOCKER_HOST=tcp://${STATIC_IP}:2375

This was a convenient way for something to say “Hey, give me a docker container. I don’t care where it is, I just want one”. This was doable from our MacBooks, our development servers, or anywhere that docker client could be installed. It was easy to ‘docker ps’, or ‘docker run’ from anywhere.

With the new ‘swarm mode’. It is very easy for us to get the swarm and workers set up. But we still need a way to be able to remotely list, start, stop, and delete containers. Is there a way to set the new swarm mode up to act in a similar fashion to the old swarm?

If we bind the docker daemon on the manager node to a port, doing a docker ps to it only lists the containers on that node, rather than listing the containers from all.