Starting Swarm containers from Python

Hi Everyone,
I’m trying to do something seemingly simple, start a container in a swarm cluster. I’ve gone through the new tutorial for swarm but can’t figure out how it aligns with the current python CLI.

I believe my problem is I cannot connect to the swarm socket from the host. Is there a different address I should use to access it? So far, I’ve done:

docker –H tcp://<managerIP>:2375 info
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at tcp://<managerIP>:2375. Is the docker daemon running?

docker –H tcp://<managerIP>:2376 info
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at tcp://<managerIP>:2376. Is the docker daemon running?

docker –H tcp://<managerIP>:2377 info
Get http://<managerIP>:2377/v1.26/info: malformed HTTP response "\x15\x03\x01\x00\x02\x02".
* Are you trying to connect to a TLS-enabled daemon without TLS?

The swarm is certainly running as expected. The info command shows all nodes available and I can start services.
Our scenario uses Apache Airflow to spawn Docker containers and I’d like to take advantage of swarms scheduling capabilities across our nodes.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. FWIW, I also went through a previous tutorial ( and got close, but still couldn’t get the connection to work.