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Only x1 Container Listed as "Healthy"

I have a few containers running on my server and noticed that out of x4 containers running concurrently, only x1 is listed as “Healthy”. Is this something I should be concerned about or do I need to do something to verify my other containers are “Healthy”?
I heavily rely on my PostgreSQL database container & want to make sure there are no issues so not seeing listed as healthy in docker ps concerns me but I’m new to containers so appreciate any advice here…

e4fdf8c5011b   wordpress       "docker-entrypoint.s…"   5 days ago    Up 3 days   >80/tcp, :::8000->80/tcp                                                                                      wp_mennens_org
cc8348e7aa23   mysql:latest    "docker-entrypoint.s…"   5 days ago    Up 3 days   >3306/tcp, :::3306->3306/tcp, 33060/tcp                                                                       mysql-db1
00820b50dc7a   postgres        "docker-entrypoint.s…"   5 days ago    Up 3 days   >5432/tcp, :::5432->5432/tcp                                                                                  db1
20a712a211d6   pihole/pihole   "/s6-init"               5 weeks ago   Up 3 days (healthy)>53/tcp, :::53->53/tcp,>80/tcp,>53/udp, :::80->80/tcp, :::53->53/udp, 67/udp, 443/tcp   pihole

Its kind of hard to spot in the preformatted text above but only “pihole” is listed as healthy:

 Up 3 days (healthy)


Its because that image contains a health check build into it, and the others dont.
Most images on hub.docker does not contain a health check and thats fine, only docker clusters really benefit from healthchecks

you can read about healthchecks here:

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Good stuff - thanks!

By default, all containers have the PID namespace enabled.

PID namespace provides separation of processes. The PID Namespace removes the view of the system processes, and allows process ids to be reused including pid 1.

In certain cases you want your container to share the host’s process namespace, basically allowing processes within the container to see all of the processes on the system. For example, you could build a container with debugging tools like strace or gdb, but want to use these tools when debugging processes within the container.