Open JDK image showing oracle jdk in gui page

We have installed image ‘tomcat:8.5.69-jdk8-openjdk’ on linux box but when we are hitting on the port number and checking the java Vendor it is showing ‘Oracle Jdk’ instead ‘Red Hat, Inc.’.

You don’t install images, you pull them and then create containers based on the image.

Just to get it right: you use a tag that has openjdk in the name, and now it’s showing Oracle jdk as vendor, but you expect it to be the vendor Red Hat, Inc ? If this is the case: can you share your thought on why the expectation should be valid?

Furthermore, are you aware that the tag you picked is 2 years old, and has 23 critical + 44 high vulnerability? I wouldn’t recommend using it. There are 8.5.90 tags, which come in different openjdk and os flavors. You definitely want to use one of those! I can highly recommend the temurin based images - they base on adoptopenjdk and are maintained under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation.

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Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Yes, you are understanding is correct what I am saying.

I have installed the image with open jdk but when I visited on manager page and checked the vendor it is showing ‘Oracle Corporate’. So, thinking it should show ‘Red hat inc’.

Am I missing anything for the open jdk configuration?

Please see the screenshot for the same.


Plenty OpenJDK implementations exist, but this image happen to use the reference implementation from Oracle. So yes, the vendor is correct.

You have not explained why you think why that is. I am realy currious

Software distributed in an image and run as a container, is in no way related to the underlying operating system (that runs the Docker Engine), except the host kernel, which is used by the container.

Just out of curiosity: did you expect the tomcat container to use the OpenJDK installation from your host?

Just out of curiosity: did you expect the tomcat container to use the OpenJDK installation from your host?

No, Just carrying about the vendor difference as compared to the host installation and image with the run container.

I have installed one open jdk setup on my host (it is not from the docker image it is the installer) and tomcat and it is showing ‘Red hat inc’. So, thinking about why the docker image shows the vendor as ‘Oracle Corporate’. Is there will be an issue with this mismatch?

It appears my last response didn’t give you the needed clue. You might want to learn docker basics first to get an actually understanding of how things work.

Take a docker training of your choice from udemy or whatever learning platform you prefer, or take a look at Introduction to Containers.