Open /root/.bash_logout: permission denied - Docker-Rootless message

General system information:
Air-Gapped network
RHEL 8.7 patched up until May 2024
System is AD Joined via winbind
/home is on a NFS volume
Docker-ce version installed via local docker repo setup with all packages from Index of linux/centos/8/x86_64/stable/Packages/

Modified the following:
user.max_user_namespace=0 to 1 or 1024 or 28633

Modified /etc/subgid and /etc/subuid with the following:


Setting up Docker Rootless for users, but fails to open.

As normal user ran the following;
$ cd /usr/bin
$ dockerd-rootless-setup-sh install

Installation runs fine without failure

$ systemctl --user start docker
$ systemctl --user status docker

Service running without issue, all good here.

$ docker info
$ docker ps

All good here as well, no issues

$ docker image load -i ub8-minimal-8.9.tar
932e25b7e78c: Loading layer [==================================================>] 93.75MB/93.75MB
open /root/.bash_logout: permission denied

This error occurs on multiple files.

Possibly a namespace issue, but i’ve followed the docker guides for installation and rootless setup.
Any help is appreciated.