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Organization name already exists, but is empty

We’d like to publish official images of the Caddy Web Server to Docker Hub.

The caddy namespace is taken, but empty:

What can we do to be able to use our name? Our hope is to become a verified publisher and have an Official Image on the listings.

Thank you!


I’ve emailed support (twice) as well as some internal contacts at Docker but had only radio silence.

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I think the only thing you can do is have whoever is running with the namespace to actually close their one. I don’t know of a way to have same named ones in the way you’re hoping for.

I’m expecting that somebody from Docker would be able to make this happen easily enough. It’s an annoying squat on a trademarked name. I don’t want to pull the trademark card but if that’s the only way it will get noticed…

Hi, I’m facing the same problem as you guys except I successfully created and organisation and then deleted it afterwards. Now I can’t recreate the organization as it ends up with “An organization with the same name already exists.” message. When you go on the page it shows 404 though.

Contacted support with the same result.

It’s clearly a bug on Docker side. Hope many others will find this post and escalate the problem.

Best Regards

Did you ever get any response to this? I’m in exactly the same situation. My company name is already taken on Docker Hub, but the account in question is completely empty. I have emailed Dockers support but so for I haven’t heard anything back.

Yes, but we had to escalate through their legal department if I recall correctly. If they still ignore you, making a public stink about it can be effective, although I always cringe when I have to do that. Here’s what I did that worked:

That got their attention and we were able to resolve it surprisingly quickly!

Oh wow, so it’s that hard… :roll_eyes: