Organization scoped access token

i have an organization with a paid subscription and i have followed this doc to create a personal access token on my account Manage access tokens | Docker Documentation but i got

is there a way to create an organization-level access token?


+1 same issue here.
Unable to create a new Access Token. We are paying for 170 Teams Seats.

Furthermore unable to create a new Access Token at all. Getting the error:
exceeding limit of allowed activated personal access tokens

Seems like something is broken with Access Token Management.

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+1 same here.
This worked well the last weeks, but now I get:

not allowed to create a scoped personal access token with your current plan


exceeding limit of allowed activated personal access tokens

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Same here. Docker Hub has been awful. We are also missing our Advanced Image Management on the Teams plan.

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reply from docker support team

Daniel Royalty (Docker Support)

Apr 13, 2022, 8:25 PDT

Thank you for contacting Docker Support.

We were recently made aware of an issue affecting the creation of new access tokens, and we have since applied a fix.

We believe this should solve the problem, but please reach out if you’re still having any difficulties.

Docker Support

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