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Cannot create New Access Token, button greyed out?

I’m trying to create a new Access Token, and the button on Docker Hub is greyed out. (Tried in both Firefox and Chrome on OSX in case it was a browser bug.)

I can’t find any explanation as to why, is there a limit (I have 6)? If so, is there any way to raise it?

I can’t find documentation or other references to this… have others encountered this issue?

We have the same problem

For me, on a personal/free account, the button is disabled after having 3 active tokens. Deleting a token enables the button again, and so does deactivating a token.

A workaround to create more than 3 tokens, which is very likely unsupported so your mileage may vary: temporarily disable tokens until only 2 are active (using the 3-dots menu to the right of the tokens), add a new token, and finally re-enable the disabled tokens. (Beware: read next post before trying this; you may not be able to re-activate disabled tokens!)

I’ve not searched, but I could not find any limits on Managing access tokens | Docker Documentation either.

Just for future reference, not a problem for me: today, while the button “New Access Token” is enabled, creating a second token gets me a 403 Forbidden in the browser’s network console. Disabling the existing token allows for adding another like described above, but today trying to re-activate the inactive token throws 403 Forbidden again, along with “This token could not be updated at this time. Please try again later.” It seems the limit is effectively 1 now.

Heads up, it seems it has been limited to a single token for some time indeed (though surely two months ago 3 were allowed), reading this in yesterday’s blog post:

Free users can continue to use their single read, write, delete token and revoke/reissue this as they need.

Also, this is now documented:

You can create 1 access token as part of the Free plan, 5 tokens per the Pro plan, and Unlimited tokens for the Team plan. For more information about a Pro or a Team plan, see Docker Pricing.

And the user interface shows the same thing now:

When using “New Access Token”:

I have a paid Pro plan and six tokens, the most recent created on June 20th this year. I’m no longer able to create tokens (in fact, I’d have to lose two before I could create another one). The existing ones seem to be working, though.

I’d have to speculate that this new limit for Pro was added as part of the introduction of scoped tokens (the higher end plan has no limit). I don’t recall seeing that reduction in functionality announced anywhere, though.

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While working with multiple environments, I feel the limit is somewhat low for Pro.

I wondered if one could use the Docker Hub API to activate when needed. But I assume that needs another active token in Authorization: Bearer <token> for the REST calls—which one could then simply use directly, rather than to only activate another token.