OS X mounted volumes on separated HDD/SSD

Hi there,

I have a OS X desktop where i have a separated SSD inside where i have all my projects on.
And i can read in the documentation

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That Mac & Windows users only have access to /Users or C:\Users but that I can add my host folder as a shared folder within VirtualBox.

The docs is written like this:

All other paths come from your virtual machine’s filesystem, so if you want to make some other host folder available for sharing, you need to do additional work. In the case of VirtualBox you need to make the host folder available as a shared folder in VirtualBox. Then, you can mount it using the Docker -v flag.

But it doesn’t work, I have tried to add all folders that i use to my default docker-machine and yet i can’t access the folders with in my container.
Kitematic also say i can’t select that folder.

My storage is located at /Volumes/Projects

How can i get access to basically all files/folders within /Volumes/Projects

can we deal like this with SSHD or external hard drive the same way ?

Very informative thread.