Sharing file between Mac (host) and Docker VM

Hello all,
I have some problem sharing file between Mac and Docker VM, what I’seen reading documents and forums is listed below:

  1. File sharing is configured in Docker Desktop preferences, I have some default folders already configured (Users, Volumes, private, tmp)
  2. Because Docker is running on a VM I was able to get inside the VM using the command:
    screen ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/vms/0/tty
  3. Then I’ve done cd /var/lib/docker to find some folder where I suppose to find the folder shared on point 1, but unfortunately I cannot find.

The questions are 2:

  1. where I can find in the Docker VM the folder shared on Docker Desktop preferences?
  2. where I can find in Mac the folder shared by default on Docker Desktop preferences? (well Users is easy to find but other folders not)

As you have probably understood I am not an export of Linux and Mac, so sorry for the probably stupid question.

I hope it is not a stupid question because I have it too!