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Overlay network error :error getting pools config from store during init

I am attempting to get the overlay networking to work on docker 1.9.1 and get this error

bk@atl-node-1:/etc/default$ docker network create -d overlay --subnet multinet

Error response from daemon: error getting pools config from store during init: could not get pools config from store: Unexpected response code: 500

thanks !!!

Just out of curiosity did you make sure that your kernel version is high enough to support the libnetwork libraries? I believe you need >= 3.16

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hey , you can close this the instance that this was on got deleted from
AWS. but we had to up the kernal and then change the storage driver due to
the kernel change , so we got it working


I am getting this again even if the kernal is 3.19 now

I am still getting this error even on kernel 4.2.0 with docker 1.11

I have never been able to get this to work I am stuck

thanks for any help

be sure you have your ( on SYSTEMD stuff) docker.service file correct and FORMATTED correctly as well,

you can get this error it can be for having malformed syntax in the control file specifically lid/systemd/system/docker.service at the ExeStart line , remove any edits you made to this an retype them in to check accuracy of the syntax and commands here , type them in one line if possible

experienced another incident of this kind of issue REBOOT HOST fixed it

Ubuntu 16.04, kernel 4.4x
I happen to be using docker-compose, but getting the same issue.

I have consul to provide external key service. When I run it but don’t tag any of the services with the “networks: -mynetwork”, it all runs fine. As soon as I add the created network, I get this: “ERROR: error getting pools config from store: could not get pools config from store: Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused”

Now, I notice ipam mentioned in there. does this mean that instead of defining my network like this:

driver: overlay
subnet: ""
driver: bridge

that I should be using ipam somehow? If so, could someone explain/give example of how this should work?

EDIT: I went ahead and modified it to have ipam, config follows, but now I get this message: “ERROR: Invalid subnet : invalid CIDR address:”

driver: overlay
driver: default
- subnet: “”
- gateway: ""
driver: bridge