Overlay network example usage

I also posted in the Swarm project, but I realized that it’s not terribly related to Swarm, but rather the general docker networks: Overlay network usage

Copy/Paste below:

Issue type: Trying to figure out docker overlay
OS: Centos7
App version (is this docker version?): docker 1.12
Steps to reproduce: (below)

So the first issue is that if I create a manager and connect a overlay worker to it, I can see the overlay network if I run docker network ls on the manager, but not the worker.

I then tried to run a container with --network=<my-network> and it failed saying network <my-network> not found. Perhaps I need to do a docker service create? I tried that and it did seem to create something, but it was only created on the manager, and I couldn’t seem to get it to do anything on the workers.