Passing environment variables to the container at docker restart <container-name>

Is it possible to pass new environment variables when we fire docker restart <existing container id>? As far as I know, something like this is not supported, but there can be a use case where we can play around the environment variables to enable some functionalities. Instead of creating a new container again with fresh values, we should be able to alter the values of environment variables during container restart. like,
docker restart <container-id> -e key=value

If this is not possible, then any workaround or hacks…?

Containers are ment to be ephemeral and their configuration to be immutable. If you need the container to have different parameters, you need to remove the old one and create a new one using the right parameters.

If you stored you persistant data in volumes (=stored on the host or on a remote share), there shouldn’ be any loss.

Also: you might want to start using docker-compose immediatly! It is repeatable, easier to maintain and you can version it in git (or whatever scm).