Performance Volume Mount


we are using Docker for Windows since a while. Today I came up with something really strange. Prior Docker for Windows I had a folder C:\User\Daniel\myFolder made available via a network share - so going to the windows explorer and adding the folder as share with permission for everybody to read and me to read/write.

Then we started using Docker for Windows - everything works fine and fluid. We use Docker for a large scale php project with many files / classes.

Today I detected my old network share and switched it off. Docker still runs stable - but performance dramatically reduced by a factor of 5-10 for file access on the volume. When I added back the network share on this specific folder -> tada - performance is back. For me it seems as if there are some settings which might improve performance for volumes in windows which are currently not yet set by Docker for Windows. A workaround for this seems to be manually adding the specific folder as a network share. But I gues this might be worth to figure out wether this setting could be used by default in docker for windows so that new users won’t have the speed issues.

Are there any other users seeing the same issue or can test it?


PS: Our configuration is Windows 10 Pro used in a domain setting / active directory

This is a huge issue I’ve run into as well. Anytime I mount a volume, the speed is very slow.

For instance, I’ll be working on a Webpack project with it watching the filesystem. If I run the project on my local machine, updates are near instantaneous. With a mounted volume, it takes 5-7 seconds to handle file changes. The only fix I’ve had is to create a small app that watches the filesystem for changes and runs docker cp on change. Sadly, this method doesn’t work with removing files.

I’d also love to see a better way of fixing this in Windows so there’s less we have to manage ourselves when spinning up containers for local development.

Hi, sorry for up this old thread but how do you do to get good performance with shared drive in Windows? I’m trying to do php development with docker and windows and i have poor performance with the shared folders.