Performance with nfs volume

i use container with lftp over hashicorp nomad to get data from a storage box.

Volume mount in container is a nfs mount on the host.

I notice that memory in nomad increase when use nfs share and not with docker stats command but I notice when memory reach limit in nomad the transfer rate on nfs fall.

Same comportment when I launch the container directly with docker

I have tested with volume on local host without network share and I don’t have this rate drop

I will test on a samba share to see same occur .

Do you have already meet this? Maybe a setting on NFS server or client that I don’t know?

I just check with a samba share I didn’t meed the issue. and the rate is is 3 time more faster than on NFS.
maybe link with an old NFS version on my synology DS212

Make sure to use nfsv4, every DS running a DSM6.x or 7.x should allow enabling and use nfsv4. The overhead for nfs should be smaller than the overhead for cifs.

Thanks for your answer, my ds212 is configure with nfs4, I will try to create an nfs share on another computer to be sure that issue is from NAS

Did you specially mount it with -o nfsvers=4?

I am not using a host mount, instead I declare volumes baked by the nfsv4 remote shares. Shouldn’t make any difference.

I assume that you are not mounting a remote share into /var/lib/docker. It would mess up docker’s behavior.

yes nfsv4 is enable on share.
don’t understand why I have this performance when I launch lftp command directly on the host I have no issue