Pinata missing in latest Mac Beta 1.11.2-beta15

maybe this is bad decision. Your company DO need re-consider to add pinata tool back, it will be flexible for us.



Some hacking has revealed:

cd ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/database/com.docker.driver.amd64-linux
echo '{"storage-driver":"aufs","dns":[""],"insecure-registries":[""],"debug":true}' > etc/docker/daemon.json
git add etc/docker/daemon.json;
git commit -m 'etc/docker/daemon.json change';

The git commit will trigger an xhyve VM restart (git commit hook?). The Docker for Mac menulet icon in OS X will show a restart.

The Docker for Mac preferences will now show as an insecure registry.

docker run -it --rm busybox cat /etc/resolv.conf will show that the nameserver for containers is now


Perfect. Worked like a champ. Thanks

For private registry

This directory contains several interesting files with settings

 filesystem hypervisor insecure-registry memory ncpu network on-sleep

At least memory can be adjusting by changing this file and then doing a git commit. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true for most/all.

This is what’s killing me; I need to connect to a private registry using my own CA certificate. While I’m fine with that being in the GUI (I am using Docker for Mac as a simple dumb user), I agree wholeheartedly with others who want to be able to provision automatically. The lack of a script interface is a bit of a passion-killer for enterprise deployments.


@emborg2015 @thccom We are working on a way to support secure/private registries.

Hate this change. Loved being able to change every config in an automated fashion.


also setting the kv store for overlay network driver would be a nice option

I totally agree! UI is nice but cli is definitely a must have!

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I tried to use this to change the “bip” configuration to “”. I failed and the docker icon just try to restart forever.
However when I try to change it to “” it worked but anything in the container does not have proper DNS configuration anymore.

The other, and for me major, problem is that all of the results one gets when searching for how to solve more advanced problems depend on a working pinata.

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Did this location change in beta 20 (fresh install)?

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This is really a setback for any professional adoption. This needs to be configurable by scripts in an officially supported way on a large number of developer machines.


@gaetan Have you considered how to support automated setup of Docker for Mac without a CLI? GUI only will not work.

I really wished “–max-concurrent-uploads” was available in the preference for Docker for Mac, as I need to solve an issue of stuck push to a registry.

Thanks! Managed to change my storage driver using that :slight_smile:

Annoying that it’s not yet possible in the GUI.

I really do not understand why can not support cli & gui configuration mode both ?

Please @gaetan, consider --api-cors-header , it’s needed for Web GUIs

Any news about this topic ? It’s really a big issue to adopt docker for mac instead docker-machine for our developers. Will docker provide at least the source code for the gui to customize externally ?