Adding advanced features to the docker Daemon on mac

I am posting this here so as to get tips on how I could perform this docker task on mac.

I need to add some options for one of my docker image, my tutorial was for a debian machine, however I am running on mac.

How can I have these options under mac
DOCKER_OPTS = "–bip=xx.xx.xx.x/xx --dns xx.xx.x.xx --dns xx.xx.x.xx --dns-search xx.xx.xx"
While I have install the Docker for Mac CE ?

I have seen that the --bip could be added in the daemon advanced json config but all the other ones are preventing docker to start.

Any tips would be welcome

I think I found what I was looking for here:

And I was able to produce this config:

"dns-search":[" xx.xx.x.xx"],
"dns": [" xx.xx.x.xx"," xx.xx.x.xx"]