Please provide a cleanup script

I’m currently working on a project that uses Docker, I started using Docker Toolbox and have it all set up.
I tried migrating to the Docker Beta for Windows several times, and now I’m currently on a state where I can’t even start Docker, I always get a MobyLinuxVM or DockerNAT related issue.
I tried resetting from the UI, reinstalling, disabling/enabling Hyper-V, removing the VM and virtual switches manually, removed keys from regedit, etc.
And every time I move from Docker Toolbox to Docker Beta I have to do a dual reboot, usually reinstall the beta, hope it works, and it’s a real time killer.
It would be great if you could provide a cleanup script that removes all unused or miscreated Hyper-V stuff (I have like ten virtual switches), so we can get a predictable clean state to install Docker Beta.


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