Point IIS application path to Docker container port

I have a web application hosted in Docker .net core runtime 2.2 image.
The Web application is accessible on the Windows Server 2016 VM via localhost:5003.

The same VM has IIS running multiple sites, e.g. www.mysite.com.
This existing IIS site has certificates and security set up and is hosting and running the production site.

I need to bind www.mysite.com/dockertest to (on the same host) localhost:5003.

I’m used to go into IIS, basic settings, and point to a physical path. My question is how to I get IIS to point to its localhost 5003 so it is accessible from dockertest url mentioned? There is no physical path to a file structure anymore.

I was looking for the same question and I came across this post. The key point here is to use a reverse proxy to redirect requests to your container address. The physical path is arbitrary, and really doesn’t matter where does it point to in this case (at least to my understanding).