Portainer and Nextcloud-aio network problem

I have a small problem with Portainer and the nextcloud aio Docker

I installed nextcloud-aio with the docker compose file in portainer. It all kinda works fine I just noticed that the container creates its own network even though I declared the default Container with that code snippet at the end of the compose file

      name: portainer-default

the master container is in both networks and the domaincheck container is only in the network nextcloud created
Does anybody know how to change it so it doesnt create its own network and joins the existing instead?

I think that syntax is deprecated, but I am not sure if it should still work or not. Check the documentation for how you should refer to external networks:


  # ...
    name: my-pre-existing-network
    external: true

Note: I edited your post to put the code in a code block instead of a quote since quotes don’t keep indentations.