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Nextcloud stack networking

I have docker on open media vault and busy with setting up nextcloud.
Containers used are:

  • nextcloud
  • MariaDB
  • Swag

I am strugling with my stack, especially the network part.
Believe that by default containers attach to default bridge. When i deploy the stack no nextcloud @ it’s DNS address .
Have created a user defined bridge an attached all containers manually to this bridge.
Then I am up and running :slight_smile: !
What can I do to attach all nextcloud containers by default to the user defined bridge?
Or can I use the default bridge (with some tweaking)?

I did a lot of googling and tried all kind of solutions in my stack, but not succeed yet.

After days of googling I finally discovered that when launching the yaml file in Portainer, no custom bridge is created. When I copy paste the code in a separate file an do a docker compose up -d , a custom network is created and containers are attached to this network.
Why this NOT the case in Portainer I do not understand??
My problem is solved (launch the stack via CLI), but I am still left with a question