Possible Issue?

I haven’t seen this before and i’m about to fix . this by doing a factory reset, but I was wondering if anyone has seen this before and if there is an easier way of fixing . the issue.

> docker pull privaterepo.com/ms/db:nodata
nodata: Pulling from ms/db
517d36521d87: Already exists
012f3791b857: Already exists
a789aa3987e8: Pulling fs layer
aa24883992bc: Pulling fs layer
4f1bba99308d: Pulling fs layer
08bb4c473a68: Waiting
922b5267c410: Waiting
aa7b7ae2c424: Waiting
open /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob055658859: read-only file system
make: *** [nodata] Error 1

Side note, this happened after I did a docker restart to attempt to fix the issue