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Prerequisites to create docker image for a legacy java application

Good Day!

I need to create a docker image for the java legacy application(directory only) which consists of jar files, batch files and exe files. I don’t have any compilers, servers or environment to run in my current system. Am I need to install all those to create docker image? May I know the prerequisites to create docker image for this requirement?

Thanks & Regards

Hi :slight_smile:

The thing about docker, is that you only need docker to create docker images.
And what many does, is that they developer the docker images on their workstations, and then push that image to docker hub / private registry for the servers to pull and deploy.

Regarding the build of the image, if you need something compiled or executed, you need to install those requirements IN the docker image and compile them when you build the image, nothing is needed on your workstation/host.

For making this task a bit easier to see what you have done / doing, there is a thing called Dockerfile, which is basicly a recipe for your image.

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