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Print Spooler Does Not Work

(Pkinaus) #1

We have a .net MVC web application we are trying to run in docker. The application creates PDF documents and requires HP Universal Printing PCL 6 driver be installed. See part of my Dockerfile below.

FROM microsoft/windowsservercore

SHELL ["powershell"]

RUN Install-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-45-ASPNET ; \
    Install-WindowsFeature Web-Asp-Net45 ;\
    Install-WindowsFeature Print-Server ;\
    Install-WindowsFeature Web-Server;

COPY /printdrivers /Temp/PrintDrivers

RUN Start-Process -FilePath C:\\Temp\\PrintDrivers\\pcl6-x64-\\Install.exe -ArgumentList "/q","/dm", "/npf", "/h" -Wait; \

The command to install the print driver does not exit. If I remove the -Wait parameter the image is created but the app does not generate the pdf document as expected. Running the same command on Windows 10 and 2016 Server results in a successful installation.

There seem to be some issues with the print spooler in docker for windows.

Running the following commands in my container results in a stopped Spooler service.

Set-Service spooler -StartupType Automatic
Start-Service spooler
Get-Service spooler

I am new to docker and not sure if what we’re trying to do is possible, or if dockerising this application is a sensible approach. Any help would be appreciated.