Private Docker Registry; Save Images without compression

Hey there!
I’m hosting a private docker registry on one of my servers. It’s being used for newly created servers which pull an image and then start up a docker container automatically.

The problem about all this is that I want my serverapplications to start fast and currently the main bottleneck of the entire process is not the pulling of the image (compressed ~6GB; uncompressed ~10GB) but rather uncompressing it on the newly created server (transfer takes around 3 minutes, uncompress takes 12 minutes).

Simple question:
Is there a way to disable compression on the docker registry all together?
Or is there a way to lower the compression level?
Or is there a way to speed up the uncompression?
Or is there a different way all together?

I’ve been searching for quiet a while now and I might have missed such features, so sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue:!

Thanks in advance

I know its a little bit late, but maybe it is useful for others. You can build image without compression with --compress false. See

I’m having the same issue, @walki how did you ended up with this ?