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Problem using Docker when home directory is on a External Drive

Background: My home drive is a externally mounted disk.
I have been using docker with out problem until the last two updates
There have also been MacOS X updates in the past couple of weeks.

No docker deamon/service does not start looking in the logs it seems ti cannot connect to
unix sockets on external hard drive. I have granted docker full access to disk, but no longer seems
to have full access to the removal/external drive. I cannot see how to grant the access removable volume from the GUI. Docker is not asking for it

If I login in to another account on the same system that has the home directory on the internal disk, docker works without a problem.

So it seems there is some permission that needs to be set, but just not having an success in figuring out what that is I cleared SystemPolicyRemovableVolumes
tccutil reset SystemPolicyRemovableVolumes com.docker.docker
hoping would prompt for access but not luck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.