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Problem with pulling goldmann images

(Nietolilian) #1

Hi! Im very very newbie on docker, Im trying to follow WildFly cluster using Docker on Fedora tutorial of Marek Goldmann
When a try to pull images docker pull goldmann/f20 or docker pull goldmann/wildfly-cluster, I got not found error.
Any idea of to pull these images? I have docker running on a ubuntu 14.04
Thanks in advance!!

(Ranjandas) #2


Looks like both the Docker images are not available on DockerHub. The article explains how the f20 image is customised to form various other images. You can try to follow the instruction using a official fedora 20 image or follow some other article.


(Nietolilian) #3

Hi, rajandas. You’re right. I contacted with Marek Goldman and he confirmed me what you say, the images are not yet available on docker hub. I will try to make my own images following the tutorial, thanks!