Problems with 1 active and 2 deatived network cards in my Docker Swarm Host

I have a problem i have installed a new docker swarm host, and the problem is i can’t get access for docker containers.

i have a stack on it, and i can remote in to it (Debian) i can se the server listen on the port numbers and i can se my docker services is running.

the problem if i go for the ip http://x.x.x.x:{port} i get no response back.

did eny how hit the same issue as me? and yes, how can i fix it?

i have set a static ip on the active network card, the 2 orthers did not been active and did not have eny network cable plug-in

Doesn’t matter. Publised ports on swarm services always bind to - wether you like it or not. Plain container or docker-compose container additionaly allow to bind published ports to a host ip.

By any chance, do you use Debian Buster? if yes, see on how to switch back from nftables to iptables.

i figurat what happen, its becures my ingress are on same ip-range as my dcph, dided know that, what i’m do is remove ingress network before using my swarm, re created with a new ip-range and wola its working :slight_smile:

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