Problems with host bindings on external volumes


I have a nextcloud in a docker container. The cloud works very fine but docker itself makes some trouble.

The container has a binding to a host path (/media/drive1). When I create the container everything works perfectly and there are no problems.

At reboot the drive is mounted over /etc/fstab and the container is started manually after a reboot.
But Docker tries directly after reboot to bind the path to the volume (without starting the container!) and creates the directory when it doesn’t exists. It seems that this happens before the partition is mounted.

When I try to go in host system into /media/drive1 on cli I got the message “too many levels of symbolic links” and can’t access the partition. When I now start the container the container can access the drive without problems.

Any ideas to fix the problem to get access again to the partition on host system?

OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Docker: newest version CE

Many thanks!