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Problems with multiple Nics


(Boistordu) #1


I’ve activated recently multiple NICs on my ubuntu docker box and activate different table for each NICs to be able to answer to each packet it receives.
But since then, it seems that the docker daemon has no good connectivity anymore for its container and internet.
For example if I try to run a ubuntu container with bash, and then I try to run apt command, it doesn’t get any dns answer so it can’t access it.
My other container are barely reachable either.
What should I do?

(Boistordu) #2

okey, I found the problem.
Because I created a new table for the main NICs with the main gateway, docker daemon didn’t have access to it anymore.

So next question, how do we tell the docker daemon which table should it use?

(Boistordu) #3

so nobody ? I just need to know how to configure docker to use a specific table …?

(Boistordu) #4

I’m upping this just in case someone from docker dev has an idea?