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Process help - 'exposing' the contents of docker-compose.yml file

I have a mentor that is sending me on sort of a scavenger hunt to retrieve a letter of recommendation. I have obtained a docker-compose.yml file and am able to view it’s ‘contents’ via notepad++. The contents contain some Linux commands and I can see that there is a .md file, a container name, an image file, and a .html file (I’m unsure if file is the right word). I have no prior experience with Docker and extremely limited with any type of programming. When I try and run ‘docker-compose up’ in PowerShell, I get the following error: ‘ERROR: image operating system ‘linux’ cannot be used on this platform’, even though I can see PS trying to open the correct ‘container’ and ‘image’. I believe this is due to me using Windows containers, however if I switch Docker to Linux containers, it won’t compose up either.

Essentially, I am looking for some process guidance (e.g., steps) to ‘expose’ the contents of the .yml file and I have not been able to find a clear answer anywhere on how to do that. Since the .yml file tells me there is a .md file, I should be able to access that and view the plain text in a reader like Atom or notepad++? So if I have the .yml open in Atom, how can I ‘run’ it to get it to show me the contents of the .md file?

I apologize if my terminology is incorrect - I literally have no idea what I’m doing.

I have read through Docker documentation and searched SE for answers and have come up short.

Any help is greatly appreciated.