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Proper Noob question - pls help

Hi there, long story short, I am trying to use Docker to run Sonarr/Radarr/Jackett on my Mac.

Pls note: I have zero experience of prgramming, architecture, visualisation. containers… total and utter noob

I have Docker Desktop all set up and have pulled the Sonarr and Jackett images into Docker (could be wrong terminology!). Do I now ned to download and run Sonarr and Mono on my Mac, and then Docker ‘pulls on their functionality’, or can I configure Sonarr from within Docker, ie not have to have the app running locally on my Mac?

I also want Transmission to act as the download client, with the resulting media files being placed on an older Mac (that can’t be upgraded to a newer OS to run all this on the one machine) that I have on my home network.

Is there a guide I can follow for a total and utter noob?

Many thanks