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Proxy Authentication Required

(Renateachter) #1

Expected behavior

Actual behavior

Pull only works, if some internet web site like goggle was opened just immediatelly before in Safari (or by curl command on Terminal)


Diagnostic ID: 027FE912-DBD2-4A19-A878-2F98EC774735

Steps to reproduce the behaviour

I work with a local user on MAC.
In preferences a http proxy and https proxy with user/pwd is defined. It is also shown when executing docker info.
The proxy works in Safari, e.g. google search page opens without any problem.
Executing the command “docker pull hello-world” on the Terminal fails with error:
Error while pulling image: GET Proxy Authentication Required
The same command succeeds, if just a few seconds before some internet page was opened in Safari (or by curl on the Terminal).
If there is a gap about 10 seconds or more between curl command and docker pull command the Authentication error appears again.