Proxy configuration the right way


Running boot2docker on Windows 8.1 on my computer at work which is behind a HTTP proxy server. So I wonder about the best/correct way to do this configuration.

I have configured /var/lib/boot2docker/profile in boot2docker.iso to tell

export HTTP_PROXY=

Issue 1: To have this configuration in clear text isn’t the nicest way, is it possible to handle it in another way?
Issue 2: When I change my password (forced regularly) I also must update this.

With this configuration I can execute:

docker@boot2docker:~$ docker search tutorial
NAME                                       DESCRIPTION   STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
learn/tutorial                                           8
caterpillar/java-tutorial                                2

But when executing wget or curl I get e.g.:

docker@boot2docker:~$ wget
wget: bad address ''

Issue 3: Why does that happen with wget/curl but not with docker?

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Have the same problem…

Add the “-Y on” on your wget options.
wget -Y on ...

curl seems to follow the http_proxy value by default.