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Proxy settings and password encoding

(Maumusss) #1

Hi everyone, could someone help me in an issue with HTTP_PROXY?
I’m running on Docker 1.11 and CentOS7, I’ve made my http-proxy.conf file in the right place but when I try to run something the proxy cannot resolve the url because (I guess) the proxy password that docker uses is encoded.

Indeed, this is the output of my info command

Http Proxy:
Https Proxy:

while this is the http-proxy.conf
Environment=“HTTP_PROXY=” “HTTPS_PROXY=”

Where did I go wrong?

Uhm…could be the issue is a special character (’%’) in the password?

(Maumusss) #2

Solved: it was a special char encoding problem. Changed my password substituting ‘%’ with ‘%25’ and I could run it!