Public Docker hub mirror for non-commercial user

Hi all,
Since 2021 Docker is limiting the number of pull requests (200/6h for the authenticated user).
Is there anything an individual non-commercial user can do to be able to experiment with Docker freely without being restricted by this limit?
I mean like configuring an alternative repository for pull requests which doesn’t exhibit similar limitations and mirrors images from the public Docker hub
Ideally if the alternative repository doesn’t have all the images we should be able to transparently fallback to the public Docker hub to download a couple missing images.
I’ve seen some articles about pull through cache registry but it’s not clear for me if this is actually an external mirror served by some 3rd party or it must be setup locally and will not really help an individual user since local Docker Desktop for Windows installation will cache downloaded images anyway.
I.e. pull through cache registry is a solution for environments with multiple hosts using the same cached images.
So configuring pull through cache registry for single user would be waste of time without any benefit.