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Pushing to a new private docker registry fails and succeeds - help?

(Danjenkins) #1

Copied here from IRC as I didn’t get an answer :slight_smile:

Hi I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction, I’ve setup a couple of docker registries now for clients and not once have I had this kind of issue, I get the issue on docker for mac beta AND docker for mac using virtualbox (kitematic) with docker-machine. When I push an image to the new registry, I can see entries going into S3, and the requests in the registry logs but the client gets into a weird state where it says retrying etc - here are some logs but I’m not really sure where to go from here

Oh, I say S3 above but I also changed the registry to just use memory as the storage to make sure it wasnt something with S3… as you can see in the logs, using inmemory as storage and it still fails

It looks like the server thinks everything went OK but the client thinks differently…
I dont understand the host lookup failing because its there… I did a dig etc…

(Danjenkins) #2

Further investigation makes me think this is a docker daemon problem

(Jeff Anderson) #3

It looks like the daemon is trying to resolve singgaling by contacting google’s DNS server. is it possible that you have your registry configured to redirect to singgaling?

(Danjenkins) #4

That was it. I’d somehow dropped the tld in the registry config and just hadn’t noticed even though I’d looked in that config so many times! Thanks so much @programmerq !