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Question on Usage of Docker

We have multiple technologies in our application: Java, Abinitio, Micro Strategy, Perl, Oracle PL/SQL-- As per the documents, We understand- Separate containers are required.

Our question is- Can we leave Ab initio, MSTR, Perl, Oracle Server as it is today i.e running on different linux machines and migrate Java application to Docker container- Would there be any issues.?

your approach with the small changes is good.
Changing everything at once will not work in the beginning.

Ok…Thanks… How can we link java web app to database…Is it through the docker file or any different approach we need to follow?

access it just like before. using ip or host, as you wish.
You also could add --extra_hosts to a compose file, but not sure if you need this. depends on the complexity you aim.

I think you can create open docker container…which will give access to the host network open … where you can access the network and other service. then moved onto bridge containers

hope that helps

thanks. I am working on POC for our project
Existing architecture:

  1. we have four java applications, Which run on multiple servers and access for all of them is through SSO.
  2. Each application runs on 2 nodes,
  3. Our application server is Websphere,
  4. We connect to multiple datasources to generate reports.

Our plan is to migrate Java apps to docker and slowly move other technology stack.
Q1. How can create multiple datasources in docker. Please explain steps. As per my understanding it is by exposing admin port of webspher server while creating image. How can we manage it in images.?
Q2. We have to create different images for production/ Dev/SIT/UAT correct.?
Q3. How can we connect to our SSO server.?


my answer just answers some of your questions and maybe opens more questions than it solves, but maybe it is still helpful for you.

you can have a look at docker-compose.
In docker-compose you can describe how the applications are orchestrated together.
so there you would describe your 4 services.
there you can expose ports. And there should be everything else possible so that you do not need 4 different images (prod,dev,sit,uat). Is there a possibility to go this way for you?

Thanks. My main question i, How can we create datasources in application servers.?

same as before docker. just connect to your datasources outside of the docker container.