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Quick question about a server

I am using docker to run a file hosting server. It has a web interface so I am assuming some sort of apache or nginx is involved. Docker is running on Windows 10 and it is emulating ubuntu either 18 or 19.

So my question is if I want to install an SSL certificate on the web server. Is that located somewhere in the VM, or is it being run on the surface OS (Windows).

If its being run on the VM, is there an easy way to mount the VM image and browse the files from Windows?

Thanks in advance! :smile:

I really depends on which image you’re using, and if you are allready mounting directories into this container…

Which image are you using?
Which docker run command do you use? or if you use compose, please share the compose file.

also a way to do this, is using a proxy infront of your web container, that handles certs (fx. via letsencrypt)