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Quick way to deploy mail and web server automatically


(Unklolz) #1

Hello everyone.

I am looking for a way to deploy very quickly and automatically 3 small servers (1 mail server, 1 web server and its database).

I am a beginner with Docker, I would like to know if it was possible to do it. If so, could you tell me about the solutions and containers to use?

It’s for a single use, I only need something basic.

Thank you in advance for your help !

(David Maze) #2

Don’t bother setting up Docker. Google a tutorial for setting up something like this on your favorite Linux distribution of choice.

You certainly can set up Docker. “A Web server and its database” is kind of Docker’s bread and butter, and you can find tons of tutorials on doing this too. A mail server is much less routine. But, an apt-get install for a one-off is just as easy as a docker run, you will have to do just as much configuration of the SMTP and HTTP daemons, and you will have to learn all of the things that are weird about Docker compared to a plain Linux install.

If you needed something more repeatable, or more scalable, or that had some custom application code underneath it, Docker might make more sense. For what you’re describing, especially if the Web server only has static content…if I had to do it once only I’d do it at the command line, twice I’d automate it using Ansible, three times build an image like an Amazon AMI, but I probably wouldn’t dive into Docker just for this.