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Quickstart Terminal keeps recreating default VM -- feature or bug?

Hi all-
Newbie here, don’t bite. I was having issues with my Docker setup, as I needed to upload a large SQL file to the container. Unfortunately I kept running out of space once I tried to dump it into postgres, so I went through the various steps to delete the default VM that was created and create a new machine with more disk space via the docker-machine command. Once I did that, VirtualBox was showing the 100 GB I had allocated (go big or go home, right?), but every time I’d go through the steps of firing up Quickstart and importing the DB, it’d give me the same disk error.

It wasn’t until I started actually watching the Quickstart shell script run through and having the VirtualBox console next to it that I noticed that it was deleting the default VM I had created and recreating a new one with the standard volume size! Not what I wanted, thanks.

I commented out the “STEP=“Checking if machine $VM exists”” statements to prevent it from removing my previously created machine. Finally, finally, I was able to import my DB without running out of space.

My question – and I don’t want to submit a bug report unless this is an intended action – why the heck is the shell script instructing Docker to remove a VM that already exists? And FWIW, I was using GitBash to create the VM, but there appears to be an existing permissions issue, and it was easier to just use Quickstart.

Can’t you pipe the contents of the SQL file into the container instead of first uploading the sql file wholesale into the VM?

The SQL file itself was only 12 GB, but once I imported it into Postgres, the DB blew up to 42GB… so either way, it would still have been too big for the default volume size. :slight_smile: